Polo Shirts can be great for Casual or Smart Wear

Polo shirt for men is one of the staple in an American male’s wardrobe. This is not at all surprising since polo shirts are the perfect tops for the discriminating guy that can be great for either casual or smart wear.

Most men have been wearing polo shirts since they were around two-feet tall. But the adult polo shirt for men is a long way from the polo shirt of your youth. The new polo shirt for men is still of the same design but the fit is trimmer and now come in fun colors and patterns. There are also those with tipped sleeves or contrast collars almost like the polo shirts made popular by tennis players.

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Check some styling ideas on how to match polo shirts this summer 2012:

Polo shirts for men got their name from the button-down long-sleeved shirts worn by polo players in the mid 1800. It was only in the middle of the 1900s, however, that what we now know as polo shirts came into the men’s fashion scene introduced by the famous tennis player, Rene Lacoste. In 1933, the polo shirt for men has been officially made available in the market by La Société Chemise Lacoste, the company founded by Rene Lacoste and André Gillier. Since then, the polo shirt has dominated not only the world of sports but the entire men’s fashion wear in general.

Polo shirts for men’s popularity can be attributed to the super comfort it offers its wearer, the very function for which it was designed. Although this classic men’s wear has maintained its original mission, it has also evolved to conform with the demands of the modern times. The polo shirt of today is stylish and accommodates every guy’s lifestyle and needs. It’s a very versatile item of clothing that is functional, comfortable and fashionable and can be smart or casual and a great office wear or street wear.

Here are some general fashion tips for men –

Most men are in such a quandary when they need to dress up for an important occasion. The usual question is “what to wear?” Men’s fashion dictates a classic black suit for such important occasion such as a wedding or a formal evening party. But classic as they are, there are alternatives to black suits that can add excitement not only to your wardrobe but also your life like custom t-shirts. Here are some options on what to wear as an alternative to a black suit:

Jackets –Formal dinner jackets made of rich fabrics such as velvet and designed like a tux is a great alternative to the classic black suit. Choosing classic colors such as grey or cobalt blue dinner jacket and paired with formal trousers and turtle neck shirt is the perfect picture of cool and style.

Printed or patterned blazers – For formal occasions, the retro look of blazers patterned with checks or stripes is another alternative to a black suit and a fun choice on what to wear. Men’s fashion is not limited to white or black as long as the colors are not too loud. Paired with black or white shirt accented with a bow tie, a printed waist coat is also a great way to add pizzazz to an ensemble.

Colored suits – An edgy alternative to black suit are the very trendy colored suit in the season’s all-the-rage colors of pale yellow, bright orange and sea green. As long as the rest of the outfit such as the shirt, accessories and shoes are kept simple, your evening will surely be filled with fun.

Silver suits – A silver grey suit is another what to wear men’s fashion option to a black suit. The metallic hue is a fabulous evening look. To upgrade your classic black suit, pairing it with silver tie or a shiny vest is another way to express this look.